032812 Nutrition // Active Rest Day


Soooo, let’s just call today “Slacker Wednesday”.  I really made some interesting food choices today.  And by interesting I mean crappy and non-Paleo.  But ya’ know what?  It happens.  And I still managed to get some good, nutrient-dense food in there too.  Sometimes it’s worth it to just relax a little and enjoy life.


One caramel long john donut–crappiest idea all day!  My blood sugar was way out of whack.  I really paid for this decision.

10 oz organic black coffee


Mom and Dad ate Gella’s with me for lunch.  I love Gella’s because their menu includes several Paleo-friendly choices.

1 hamburger, topped with cheese, avocado, two strips of bacon, and red onion

sweet potato fries with garlic

small bowl of vegetable medley (sauteed red bell pepper, zucchini, and squash)

ice water

PM fun:

A good friend/workout buddy and I decided to take a leisurely bike ride around town this evening.  While out, we decided to stop in at the Golden Q and have a few adult beverages and share some Pickle-O’s.  It was fun and totally worth it 🙂

1 Michelob Ultra

1 NorCal Margarita, thank you Robb Wolf


Steak fajita meat (no tortilla), topped with onion and red bell pepper, a small amount of sour cream, and hot sauce

Tomorrow, it’s back on track!  Had to have some mid-week fun.  Helps keep the sanity in tact!


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