033012 Nutrition


I ate breakfast later than usual this morning due to a health screening I had scheduled before work. I was very interested in my health screening results because I’d never had my cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. checked before.  As suspected, it turned out great!  I’ll attribute these great numbers to three things:  (1) Paleo   (2) CrossFit  (3) Age
Total Cholesterol:  154 mg/dL
HDL:  66 mg/dL
LDL:  N/A (my triglycerides were so low that an accurate reading could not be calculated; however, the nurse did some calculations assuming that my tri’s were 45, the LDL would be approximately 79 mg/dL)
TC/HDL Ratio:  2.4
Triglycerides:  like I said before, the machine could not detect tri’s lower than 45 mg/dL; mine are below that figure
Glucose:  89 mg/dL
BP:  111/67

So, after my health screening, I ran home and fried up an egg in coconut oil, topped with a few slices of raw white onion and hot salsa.  On the side:  two fish oil capsules, and one banana.  Also, I treated myself to a tall starbucks pike’s place roast.  No cream or sugar.


Since it’s Friday and it’s Lent, I had to stick with some sort of fish for lunch.  

1 Flounder fillet, basted with olive oil and seafood seasoning, baked at 400° for 12 minutes
5 asparagus, basted in olive oil, seasoned with black pepper and garlic powder, baked w/ fish
2 strawberries, diced
1/2 avocado, diced


Snacked on 3 mini Snickers–completely screwed up the blood sugar!


I was out at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for my “first” dinner.  My cousin and her friends were cooking up a German delicacy– Pierogies.  YUM!  Not Paleo, don’t care!!!  I indulged in 2 of those succulent things!  And some Doritos.  And Oreos.  YEAH!
When I got home, mom had made homemade tomato soup.  Deeee-lish!  I had a small bowl of that too (not pictured).






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