041112 WOD

041112 WOD

After Saturday’s Hero WOD (Danny), I took 3 rest days. Normally, I’d only rest Sunday and be back at it Monday. I was out of town for work Monday and Tuesday, ate some pretty crappy and un-Paleo food, slept like crap, and just needed some extra rest. Back at it today!

400 m run
20 pushups
15 pullups
20 walking lunges

Skill work:
10 minutes heavy Turkish Get Up work (35# kettlebell)

8×2 @ 90% Back Squats (185#)

“Death by Burpee/Kettlebell Swings”
1st minute- 1 burpee, 1 KB swing (45#)
2nd minute- 2 burpees, 2 KB swings
3rd minute- 3 burpees, 3 KB swings
and this continues until you can no longer complete the amount of reps in one minute

Total: 11 minutes (I got thru 11 burpees + 9 KB swings)
Total reps: 66 burpees, 64 KB swings

Rest 10 mins.

Double Unders
Ab mat situps

I did the second WOD at moderate intensity. I was pretty wiped out from the Death by Burpees/KB swings.


2 thoughts on “041112 WOD

  1. Hoelking says:

    You’re a beast!

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