032712 WOD


This morning I decided to get my lifting out of the way and save my metcon for the PM session.  This is a Bulgarian Loading style lifting regimen.

Back Squat– 3×3 @ 125#, 1×3 @ 160#, 1×3 @ 180#, 1 RM for the day (195#), 2×3 @ 155#, 1×3 @ 170#

Strict Press– 3×3 @ 55#, 1×3 @ 70#, 1×3 @ 75#, 1 RM for the day (85#), 2×3 @ 45#, 1×3 @ 60#



run 200m, 5 inch worms w/ pushup, 5 pistols/leg, stretch


4 rounds for time–

400m run

10 k2e

10 plyo pushups on 25# plate

Time:  9:05


032612 WOD


500m row

20 air squats

15 pushups



For time–

12 Power Cleans @ 95#

12 Ring Dips

9 Power Cleans @ 95#

9 Ring Dips

6 Power Cleans @ 95#

6 Ring Dips

12 Deadlift @ 185#

12 HSPU (used bands for assistance)

9 Deadlift @ 185#


6 Deadlift @ 185#


Time– 14:39

Post-WOD thoughts:  This was fun and tough.  The second and third round of ring dips proved to be pretty difficult.  I had to break them up into sets of 3’s.  The deadlift weight was a little heavy for me at such high volume.  I literally had to take them one at a time.  If I do this WOD again, I’ll scale the deadlift down a little until I become stronger.

032612 Nutrition


7:00 AM–Feast time!  I decided to whip up a baconegg, and veggie scramble.


2 farm fresh eggs, scrambled

3 slices of nitrate-free bacon, diced

1/4 green bell pepper, diced

1/4 red bell pepper, diced

1 green onion, diced

1 leaf of fresh basil, chopped

1 palm-sized leaf of kale, chopped

Fry the bacon to your desired crispiness.  Add the veggies to the bacon and saute until desired tenderness.  In a small mixing bowl, scramble the eggs.  Add the eggs to the frying pan and cook.  FEAST!



10 oz. Caribou Daybreak morning blend coffee (organic)

1 splash heavy whipping cream (organic)

1.5 Tbsp honey




I was out of town all day for work.  My co-worker and I decided to grab lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant in the town we were working in.  Mexican food is my weakness!  I never make myself resist chips and salsa.  I indulge in them, ALWAYS!  (80% Paleo, 100% of the time?!)

I do, however, resist tortillas and burritos and chimichangas (at least this time!).  Instead, I opt for chicken fajitas with no rice or beans.  NOMZ!


8 oz organic whole milk

1/2 scoop GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Chocolate Protein Powder



Mom made BLT Salad for dinner.  It’s SO delicious!  The rest of the family made their salad on iceberg lettuce.  I opted to chop up 2 leaves of romaine lettuce, then topped it with the rest of the salad fixings.  Notice there is a small amount of pasta on this salad, as well as some ranch dressing.  Not Paleo–don’t care.  🙂




“Sorrow is the mere rust of the soul. Activity will cleanse and brighten it.”
– Samuel Johnson

“Sorrow is the mere rust…

032512 Dinner

After pretty much fasting between breakfast and dinner (I had an organic apple and some water), I decided to indulge a little on this Sunday evening. Dad cooked up some of his signature burgers.  They are truly the best in town.  Topped my burgers (yes, I had two!) with some not so Paleo American cheese, half an avocado, red onion, and romaine lettuce.  No bun, of course.  And rather than making sweet potato fries for myself while my family ate regular fries, I decided to just eat the regular fries with them.  On weekends, I typically allow myself more freedom with my diet.

The Future of Paleo

As a result of participating in the 2012 Paleo Survey, I received the latest Paleo e-Magazine issue for FREE!  It just so happens to include an awesome interview with Robb Wolf.  I thought I’d share my favorite piece of the interview in which Robb discusses bringing Paleo to the masses.

“I hope we can get people to realize they are responsible for their own health. The government and pharma are not going to save them from degenerative diseases of affluence. Only their personal choices will do that. We will never make a pill for sleep, food, exercise and community. Not being a pessimist here, it’s just too tall a tale. So, as a game plan I see appealing to folks’ sense of self determinism to get this stuff turned around. We will not reach everyone, just the smart ones who take family, food, health and free markets seriously. I’d just like to create some venues for folks to receive economic incentives for good behavior, without subsidizing the folks who do not care.” Robb Wolf, on the spread of Paleo to the masses


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032512 Breakfast

ImageThis morning I made Almond Flour Pancakes, courtesy of The Food Lover’s Kitchenhttp://beta.primal-palate.com/category/breakfast/ ).  I topped them with a small amount of butter, a drizzle of honey, and a handful of raspberries.  DELICIOUS!!  I included one farm fresh egg, fried in bacon grease, as my protein source.  And one cup of black coffee.